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The Fort Peck Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes have determined that jobs, contracts, and subcontracts in the private sector on or near the Fort Peck Reservation are an important resource for Indian people. The Fort Peck Tribal Government has the inherent sovereign power to pass laws to protect the interests, health, and general welfare of Indian people.

Fort Peck TERO

The Fort Peck Tribal Executive Board has determined that the Fort Peck Tribes have a compelling interest in adopting TERO to combat the high rate of unemployment on the Reservation and for the purposes set forth in our TERO Ordinance.

TERO has three (3) main functions:

1) TERO manages the Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance that provides for Indian Preference in employment, contracting and subcontracting conducted on the Fort Peck Reservation. 2) TERO coordinates the Certification of Indian Contractors,

TERO has three (3) main functions:

Negotiates Employer Compliance Plans, Offers TERO Orientation, Apprenticeship Program, Cooperative Human Resource Agreements as well as providing for work-related training. 3) TERO also represents the local EEOC or Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

TERO Applications

Construction Compliance Plan
203 kb | PDF

Oilfield Compliance Plan
257 kb | PDF

Manpower Request
315 kb | PDF

TERO Employment Application
267 kb | PDF

Application For Indian
Preference Firms

540 kb | PDF

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Fort Peck Tribes Personnel Policies & Procedures

The TERO website has available the Fort Peck Tribes Personnel Policies & Procedures online.


This is a resource for any tribal employee. Know your rights and obligations.more -->

News & Events

Flagger Training.


When: October 12, 2015
Where: Tribal Office Phase III Building Conference Room
Time: 12:30 to 4:00 PM


Registration Fee:
$25.00 - Fort Peck Tribal Members
$50.00 - Non Enrolled


Make check | money order payable to:

Fort Peck Tribes TERO Department


No refunds will be given. Applications can be picked up at the TERO Office and Job Service in Wolf Point. Class size is limited. Everyone is welcome.

Register with TERO

Come to the TERO Office - located at 501 Medicine Bear Road (New Phase III building). Our office hours are 8am - 4:30pm - Monday through Friday. Job seekers can register with us by filling out the TERO registration application.

You can find out more information on our Hiring Procedures as well as seek out employment opportunities using our job referral system. Contractor's can learn about our current contracting and bidding opportunities happening on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation. . more


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  • Training
  • Education
  • Due Process
  • Jobs

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