TERO Ordinance


Title XIII - Employment Rights

TERO Ordinance
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Chapter 1. Definitions

Sec. 101. Definitions


Chapter 2. Tribal Employment Rights Office

Sec. 201 Establishment
Sec. 202 Director
Sec. 203 Functions
Sec. 204 Implementation of program
Sec. 205 Processing discrimination complaints
Sec. 206 Annual reports
Sec. 207 Duties of other employment programs


Chapter 3. Tribal Employment Rights Review Board

Sec. 301 Establishment
Sec. 302 Qualifications
Sec. 303 Compensation
Sec. 304 Jurisdiction
Sec. 305 Sanctions
Sec. 306 Hearing procedures
Sec. 307 Decisions after hearing
Sec. 308 Appeals


Chapter 4. Employment Preference

Sec. 401 Indian employment preference
Sec. 402 Index of Indian applicants
Sec. 403 Hiring
Sec. 404 Layoffs
Sec. 405 Promotion
Sec. 406 Summer students
Sec. 407 Effect of collective bargaining agreements
Sec. 408 Individual complaints
Sec. 409 Compliance and hearing procedures
Sec. 410 Retaliation forbidden


Chapter 5. Contracting and Subcontracting Preference

Sec. 501. Indian preferences for contracting and subcontracting
Sec. 501.1 Scope of preference
Sec. 502 Responsibility for evaluation of technical qualification and reasonable price
Sec. 503 Submission of a contracting and subcontracting plan
Sec. 504 Operation of the contract or subcontract
Sec. 505 Replacement of non-Indian firms by certified firms after a project is underway
Sec. 506 Reports and monitoring
Sec. 507 Individual complaints
Sec. 508 Compliance and hearing procedures
Sec. 509 Criteria for Indian contract preference certification
Sec. 510 Applications for certification
Sec. 511 Certification determinations
Sec. 512 Probationary certification
Sec. 513 Final certification
Sec. 514 Withdrawal of certification
Sec. 515 Firms certified prior to the adoption of these criteria
Sec. 516 Annual and other reports
Sec. 517 List of certified entities
Sec. 518 Retaliation forbidden


Chapter 6. Voluntary Indian Preference

Sec. 601 Voluntary Indian preference policy
Sec. 602 Employment
Sec. 603 Oil and gas subcontracting
Sec. 604 Reporting
Sec. 605 Preference for contracts with the Tribes and tribal corporations
Sec. 606 Publicity
Sec. 607 Review of TERO’s actions


Chapter 7. Liaison Officers

Sec. 701 Requirement for liaison officers
Sec. 702 Duration
Sec. 703 Duties
Sec. 704 Compensation




What is the TERO Ordinance?

The purposes of the TERO Ordinance include, but are not necessarily limited to:

(a) To insure that no covered employer discriminates against any Tribal member or Indian in any aspect of employment, including but not limited to, hiring, promotion, demotion, transfer, change in work status, lay-offs, and termination from employment.

(b) To require that all covered employers give preference to qualified Indians in all aspects of employment, including but not limited to, hiring, promotion, demotion, transfer, changes in work status, lay-offs, and termination from employment.

(c) To require that all entities awarding contracts give preference to Certified Indian Preference Contractors for contract and subcontract work on the Reservation.

(d) To require all covered employers to utilize the TERO Hiring Procedures in all hiring with respect to work to be performed on the Reservation.

(e) To require, in appropriate cases, that covered employers establish needed training programs intended to combat the effects of discrimination.

(f) To provide services to covered employers to assist them in meeting their requirements under this Ordinance, in locating qualified Indians to fill employment needs, establish needed training programs and meet federal requirements guarding against discrimination.

(g) To require all covered employers to contribute to the services provided by and the enforcement of this Ordinance by the fees established herein.

(h) To authorize agreements between the Tribes and the United States or any of its agencies or departments to enforce federal laws prohibiting discrimination as set out and limited in this Ordinance.

(i) To provide for staff support, travel and training of TERO Staff.

(j) To provide training and/or funding for training of Indians and Indian-owned businesses contingent upon the availability of funds.


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TERO Applications

Construction Compliance Plan
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Oilfield Compliance Plan
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Manpower Request
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TERO Employment Application
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Application For Indian
Preference Firms

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