Fort Peck Assiniboine & Sioux Tribes


Tribal Personnel Policies & Procedures


Chapter 1. General Provisions

Section 1. Purpose

Section 2. Personnel Management Principles

Section 3. Tribal Employment Policy

Section 4. Applicability of the Tribal Person, Policies & Procedures

Section 5. Tribal Chairman Responsibilities

Section 6. Tribal Employee Responsibilities

Section 7. Tribal Employee


Chapter 2. Recruitment and Selection

Section 1. General

Section 2. Public Announcement

Section 3. Job Announcement Requirements

Section 4. Veterans and Indian Preference

Section 5. Employment

Section 6. Readvertising

Section 7. Screening, Evaluation and Selecting Applications

Section 8. Tribal Executive Board's Authority to Appoint

Section 9. Physical Examination

Section 10. New Employee Drug Testing Policy and Procedures

Section 11. Discharge During Probation

Section 12. Examination Records

Section 13. Ineligible Applicants for Employment with the Tribes

Section 14. Handicapped Applicants


Chapter 3. Types of Appointments and Positions

Section 1. Definitions

Section 2. Temporary Appointments

Section 3. Regular Positions

Section 4. Part-time Positions

Section 5. Probationary Employment Period

Section 6. Employee in an Acting Status


Chapter 4. Employee Conduct and Activities

Section 1. Policy

Section 2. Employee Conduct Guide

Section 3. Limitations on Employee's Conduct and Activities

Section 4. Political Activities

Section 5. Representation

Section 6. Conflict of Interest


Chapter 5. Discharge and Disciplinary Action

Section 1. Definitions

Section 2. Discharge of Employment

Section 3. Other Disciplinary Actions


Chapter 6. Grievance Procedure and Appeals

Section 1. Employee-Management Relations Program

Section 2. Tribal Grievance Committee

Section 3. Grievance Committee Responsibilities

Section 4. Grievance Committee Meetings


Chapter 7. Hours of Work

Section 1. The Basic Work Week

Section 2. Basic Tour of Duty

Section 3. Daily Check-in, Check-out and Attendance Procedures

Section 4. Tardiness


Chapter 8. Employee Benefits

Section 1. Holidays

Section 2. Annual Leave

Section 3. Sick Leave

Section 4. Maternity Leave

Section 5. Leave Without Pay

Section 6. Administrative Leave

Section 7. Funeral Leave

Section 8. Court and Jury Leave

Section 9. Military Leave

Section 10. Absence Without Leave

Section 11. Compensatory Time

Section 12. Educational Leave

Section 13. Family and Medical Leave


Chapter 9. Transfer, Reassignment and Demotion

Section 1. Definitions

Section 2. Transfers

Section 3. Reassignment

Section 4. Demotion


Chapter 10. Promotions

Section 1. Definition

Section 2. General

Section 3. Requirements Before Promotion


Chapter 11. Reductions In Force

Section . Reduction in Force


Chapter 12. Personnel Records

Section 1. Administration

Section 2. Employee Personnel Folder

Section 3. Availability

Section 4. Annual Review


Chapter 13. Drug-Free Workplace Policy and Employee Random and Reasonable Suspicion Drug Testing Program

Section 1. Drug-Free Workplace Policy

Section 2. Drug-Free Awareness Program

Section 3. Fort Peck Tribes Employee Drug Testing Program

Section 4. General Procedures

Section 5. Confidentiality of Test Results

Section 6. Verifying a Positive Test Result

Section 7. Disciplinary Action

Section 8. Voluntary Testing

Section 9. Random Alphabetized Testing of Employees

Section 10. Reasonable Suspicion Testing

Section 11. Post-Accident or Incident Testing of Employees

Section 12. Follow-up Testing

Section 13. Training in the Detection of Drug Use

Section 14. Definitions


Chapter 14. Conflict of Interest

Section 1. Policy

Section 2. Definitions


Chapter 15. Sexual Harassment

Section 1. The Tribes' Policy

Section 2. Definitions

Section 3. Procedures Governing the Filing and Resolution of Sexual Harassment Complaints

Section 4. Composition of the Review Panel

Section 5. Panel's Scope of Authority


Chapter 16. Training and Career Development

Section 1. Objective

Section 2. Training Priorities

Section 3. Individual Development Plan

Section 4. Annual Training Priority Listing

Section 5. Short-term Training

Section 6. Long-term Training

Section 7. Training Nomination and Authoritization Form, HR-350

Section 8. Penalities


Chapter 17. Performance Appraisal System

Section 1. Objective

Section 2. Coverage

Section 3. Responsibilities

Section 4. Definitions

Section 5. Performance Plan

Section 6. Performance Rating Levels

Section 7. Progress Review Requirements

Section 8. Preperation of the Final Appraisal

Section 9. Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)

Section 10. Effective Date



Why Have Personnel Policies & Procedures?

'Policies' are general guidelines that regulate employee actions. 'Procedures' are customary methods of handling activities and can be more specific than policies.


Developing clearly written policies and procedures that are documented, updated, and followed assists in the day-to-day decision-making process as well as provides structure to an organization. Policies and procedures need to be adaptable to the needs of the organization it represents as well as enforced. They serve as an internal control method so tribal employees and other applicable entities cannot take free license to make creative or unathorized decisions. This is why we have decided to make this an available resource you can access online anytime of day.


New employees need to become familiar with the tribes policies and procedures to understand such factors such as dress requirements, breaks and lunch practices, working hours, electronic equipment use, treatment of tribal property, and confidential information. All employees must understand policies in regards to vacation, sick time, leaving early, holiday pay, medical leaves, and benefits.


Policies and procedures need to be accessible to all employees and you can find them on our TERO website. Please feel free to refer to them anytime you may need them. You will also be provided a copy of the policies and procedures manual by the Human Resources Director.


The Fort Peck Tribes will be held accountable for the timely review, updating, and distribution of this information.



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Fort Peck Tribes Personnel Policies & Procedures

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