TERO Ordinance


Title XIII - Employment Rights


Chapter 1. Definitions


Sec. 101. Definitions for the Ordinance.


For the purposes of this Chapter:

(a) "Near the Reservation" means within reasonable daily commuting distance of any Indian community on the Reservation;

(b) "TERO" shall mean the Tribal Employment Rights Office established by Section 201;

(c) "Director" shall mean the director of TERO appointed under Section 202;

(d) "Review Board" shall mean the Tribal Employment Rights Review Board created by Section 301;

(e) "Covered entity" shall mean any individual, corporation, association, partnership, or other entity doing business on trust land on the Reservation,

(f) "Contract and subcontract" shall mean all contracts, including but not limited to, contracts for supplies, services, and equipment, regardless of tier.


TERO Ordinance

Chapter 1: Definitions



Chapter 7: Liaison Officers



TERO Ordinance
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TERO Applications

Construction Compliance Plan
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Oilfield Compliance Plan
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Manpower Request
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TERO Employment Application
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Application For Indian
Preference Firms

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The Fort Peck Tribes TERO office is committed to providing workers, employers, job seekers - with clear and easy-access information on how to comply with tribal employment laws.

This is often referred to as "compliance," which is an important part of our efforts to protect the wages, benefits, employment rights, safety and health of our workforce.

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