TERO Ordinance


Title XIII - Employment Rights


Chapter 2. Tribal Employment Rights Office


Sec. 201. Establishment.


There is hereby created the Fort Peck Tribal Employment Rights Office (TERO) as an independent office of the Tribes, reporting directly to the Tribal Executive Board in such manner as the Tribal Executive Board directs.


Sec. 202. Director.


The director of TERO shall be appointed by the Tribal Executive Board. The director shall have the authority, subject to the approval of the Tribal Executive Board, to hire staff, expend funds appropriated by the Tribal Executive Board, and to obtain and expend funds from federal, state or other sources to carry out the purposes of TERO.


(AMENDED AS PER RESOLUTION #26-475-2012-03; DATED 3/12/2012)


Sec. 203. Functions.


TERO shall:


(a) Implement and enforce all provisions of this Title;


(b) Provide training, counseling and support to Indian workers on the Reservation in conjuction with tribal employment and training programs and other appropriate tribal and federal offices;


(c) Cooperate with federal agencies to enforce federal anti-discrimination statutes, eliminate discrimination against Indians, and to enforce all Indian preference requirements in federal law or contracts with the federal government.


Sec. 204. Implementation of programs.


(a) In implementing this Title, TERO shall develop and phase in programs at a gradual pace in order to ensure a stable and effective program and avoid unnecessary disruption of the business environment on the Reservation;


(b) TERO may implement programs or components of programs on a Reservation- wide basis or it may implement programs covering particular types of covered entities


(c) No significant new program or component of a program shall be introduced, or extended to new types of covered entities, without prior approval of the Tribal Executive Board.


Sec. 205. Processing discrimination complaints.


TERO shall assist the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and other federal agencies in ensuring protection of the rights of I Indians under Title VIII of the Equal Employment Opportunity Act of 1972 or other federal laws, by:


(a) Disseminating information informing Indians and others that Indians are protected by federal law against employment discrimination, and of the procedures for making employment discrimination complaints. Such dissemination may include meetings, conferences, distribution of written materials, and other publicity;


(b) Meeting with appropriate offices of the EEOC and other federal agencies as necessary to arrange mutually satisfactory methods of promoting and enforcing the employment rights and preferences of Indians;


(c) Assisting Indians and employers in obtaining informal resolution of discrimination complaints by meeting with both parties and mediating a mutually agreeable solution;


(d) Where informal resolution fails, and the Indian involved desires to press a formal discrimination complaint, assisting the Indian in filing and processing charges of unlawful discrimination with the EEOC, the Office of Federal Contract Compliance, or other appropriate federal agencies, in accordance with the regulations and procedures of those agencies.


Sec. 206. Annual reports.

The TERO Director shall present to the Tribal Executive Board such reports as the Tribal Executive Board may require, including at least annual reports on TERO's activities. The annual reports shall include:


(a) A description of the activities and programs TERO has conducted in the preceding year;


(b) A description of the activities and programs TERO plans to carry out in the upcoming year;


(c) A plan for financing TERO for the upcoming year. The director should consider new funds or reallocation of existing funds from such sources as CETA, ONAP, EEOC, BIA employment assistance, HUD and EDA;


(d) Such other information as the Tribal Executive Board may require.

Sec. 207. Duties of other employment programs.

Tribal employment and training programs and BIA employment assistance programs on the Reservation shall, to the extent consistent with the laws and regulations governing them:


(a) Devote such part of their resources as is necessary to prepare Indians for job opportunities opened up by programs under this Title;


(b) Coordinate with TERO in the development of their training programs;


(c) Co-operate with TERO in carrying out Section 203(b) of this Chapter.



TERO Ordinance

Chapter 1: Definitions



Chapter 7: Liaison Officers



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