TERO Applications

Application Process

Please fill this application out to the best of your ability. If there are any questions please do not hesitate to ask the TERO staff to assist you.
This application is to be registered in the TERO job skills bank. This does not guarantee you employment. In filling this application out, please be sure to list all your job skills and your certificates. Prospective employers will be viewing your application. Please print legibly and be clear and concise in your answers.
TERO does send out referrals occasionally, for jobs. In order to be fair to all participants, we ask that you participate in a daily call-in. This is an automated system done through the phone service. You will need to call in every day, once a day, Monday–Friday only, no weekends or holidays please. The more you call in during the month the higher your name goes on our referral list, so when we do refer out participants we will go off the daily call-in list. The number for the daily sign-in is (406) 768-5804.

If we do call you for a job opportunity and you accept but do not show, walk off the job, or voluntarily quit you will be on the do not call list for employment opportunities.
1st Offense: a period of one (1) month
2nd Offense: you will be on the list for a period of three (3) months
3rd Offense: will be for a period of one (1) year
Many of the job opportunities that our office does referrals for will require a mandatory pre-employment drug test. If you are unable to pass the test, or your drug test comes back positive, the above measures will also apply.
These measures are in place to ensure that we have participants who are ready and willing to work with a quality work ethic. This is also being done to be fair to individuals who are serious about working.
Thank you for your time and for giving us the opportunity to work with you. If you need to reach us our new office number is (406) 768-2460.

Register With TERO

Come to the TERO Office—located at 501 Medicine Bear Road, Phase III Addition. Our office hours are 8 AM–4:30 PM, Monday through Friday.
Job seekers can register with us by filling out the TERO registration application.

You can find out more information on our Hiring Procedures as well as seek out employment opportunities using our job referral system.
Contractors can learn about our current contracting and bidding opportunities happening on the Fort Peck
Indian Reservation.