Certified Indian-Owned Contracting Businesses


Certification as an Indian Preference Firm Checklist

Completed Application for Indian Preference
• $25.00 Application Fee
• Current Liability Insurance
• Notarized Partnership Agreement, if Applicable
• Workers Compensation
• Employer Identification Number (EIN)
• Balance Sheet of Assets for the Company
• Equipment Lease Agreement(s), if Applicable
Please note that the final decision for certification is decided by the TERO Review Board. Certification is not guaranteed and dependent upon the proper paperwork being submitted. If any paperwork is not submitted your application will be tabled until such time that the necessary documents are turned in.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the TERO staff in Poplar or by calling (406) 768-2460.

Business Services Listed in Alphabetical Order Azures Oilfield Service & Construction

Services Provided: Oilfield Roustabout, Siding, Shingling, Insulating, Roofing, Fencing and Pumping
Phone: (406) 768-5361 or (406) 768-7839
Date Established: August 1, 2003

Buckskin Transport, LLC

Services Provided: Hotshot Freight Specialists
Phone:(406) 390-4382
Date Established: July 1, 2012

Dewzy Company

Services Provided: Oilfield, Highway, Building Construction and Supply, Gravel Work and Trucking
Phone: (406) 653-1822 or (406) 698-4844
Date Established: May 19, 2004

E-3 Services

Services Provided: Pumping, Gauging, Water and Oil Hauling, Mowing, Plowing, Spraying, Road Maintenance, and Injection Pump Service and Maintenance
Phone: (406) 650-7971
Date Established: July 1, 2003

Emerson Trucking

Services Provided: Transportation of Livestock, Regulated Commodities To Include Flatbed and Stepdeck Freight, Exempt Commodities and Gravel and Dirt
Phone: (406) 786-3364 or (406) 670-1717
Date Established: January 1, 1988

GGG Oilfield Services Company

Services Provided: Contract Pumping and Snow Plowing
Phone:(406) 448-2267 or (406) 768-7165
Date Established: January 31, 2006

Lark, LLC

Services Provided: General Construction of Well Sites and Roads
Phone: (406) 768-3829 or (406) 768-7234
Date Established: January 1, 2011

Larry Burshia Rustabout

Services Provided: Oilfield Maintenance (Roustabout)
Phone: (406) 769-2016 or (406) 790-0231
Date Established: March 3, 2006

Noah Strauser Trucking

Services Provided: Trucking, Pumping, and Snow Removal
Phone: (406) 768-7630
Date Established: June 1, 2006

Strauser Pumping, Snow Removal & Trucking

Services Provided: Oilfield Services, Pumping, Trucking, and Snow Removal
Phone:(406) 448-2285
Date Established: October 1, 1979

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