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The Fort Peck Tribes (T.E.R.O.) office is committed to providing workers, employers, job seekers with clear and easy-access information on how to comply with tribal employment laws. This is often referred to as "compliance," which is an important part of our efforts to protect the wages, benefits, employment rights, safety, and health of our workforce.


Brief Explanation

The minimum hiring percentage for oilfield work on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation is 80% Indian Preference of the total workforce hours.

The Fort Peck TERO Requires:
1. A signed TERO Oilkfield Compliance Plan for each contract must be submitted and approved 10 days prior to start up. The plan is the working application of the TERO Ordinance and is an agreement that defines hiring and subcontracting. All subcontractors will also be required to submit this plan. All vendors must be approved.

Failure to submit an acceptable compliance plan will result in noncompliance and the employer will be denied the right to commence business within the exterior boundaries of the Fort Peck Indian Reservation.

2. The TERO Manpower Request Form is used to fill all open positions, list contractor’s core crew, and is the conditional waiver for positions that cannot be filled by a TERO Referral. As per the Tittle XIII-Employments Rights of the Comprehensive Code of Justice for the Fort Peck Tribes, “any contractor’s core crew will be required to purchase a right to work permit” in the amount of $50.00 per non-Indian per project. This permit is for each crew personnel that will be brought onto the reservation, including non-Indian local residents. (Contact the TERO Office for this permit)

The Prime Contractor/Subcontractor/Employer Shall Submit the Following Reports:

1. Certified Payroll
2. New Employees
3. Disciplinary Report or Termination Notice

No refunds will be given. Applications can be picked up at the TERO Office and Job Service in Wolf Point. Class size is limited. Everyone is welcome.

Work Permits

Fort Peck Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance - Section 403 Hiring part b: If a covered entity brings work crews, teams, or preexisting employees onto the reservation to perform specific projects on trust land, such crews or teams must include not less than (80%) Indians, unless TERO certifies that no Indians meeting the qualifications for such crews or teams are listed on its indexes (Skills Bank).

Resolution #457-98-5: Therefore be it resolved, that the following hiring preference policy be applied to the hiring process for applicants that meet the basic qualification requirements for a position:

1. Enrolled Tribal Veterans
2. Enrolled Regular Members
3. Indian of other Federally Recognized Tribes Supporting Enrolled Families
4. Non-Indians Supporting Enrolled Families
5. All Other Applicants

Indian Preference Contracting

Fort Peck Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance - Section 501: Every covered entity engaged in any business on trust land within the Reservation, shall give preference to firms certified by the Tribes under this chapter in all contracts and subcontracts to be performed on the Reservation.

We look forward to working with you. If you have any questions concerning this matter, please feel free to stop by our office or give us a call at  406-768-2460.

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TERO Fees Summary

The Current Fort Peck TERO Cost of the Business License Fee Is:

1. $50.00 for a Temporary Business License, which is valid for 30 days until approved by the TERO Review Board. *

2. $100 for a six (6) month period upon approval, or *

3. $200 for one (1) year upon approval, or *

Note: TERO fees collected will go toward project-related assistance when needed.

*All fees are due prior to commencement of work

Oil Field Compliance Plan has been approved and is effective immediately. Please click here to download the compliance plan.